RoyalCraft offers a fun and enhanced experience of 1.18.2 survival! Our intent is to provide a fun and safe environment for players to enjoy and spend time on. Join us NOW to be a part of a friendly community and start exploring the vast wonders of the Minecraft world!

All money put into this server is being put straight back into the server bills, and bigger and better advertisements for us to gain more players. This means any donation is directly helping the server and allowing us to grow even more!



When donating, please be patient. The servers can take up to 10 minutes to register your payment. If you do not get your rank within twenty minutes, please create a BuyCraft ticket on discord or email us at Remember to be online at the time of purchase.


Refund Policy

All payments are non-refundable. Charging back (opening a PayPal Dispute) will result in a blacklist from the Network and being banned from other Minecraft stores. 

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